Small stories about people from Voss in America
Small stories about people from Voss in America
"Gamalt frå Voss", volume 17.

There once was a smith from Voss who went to America. It did
not last long, however, before he came back. Then they asked the
smith, why he returned so soon? He answered, "They had smiths
over there".

At Brekke in Gullfjordungen there were many brethern who
went to America around the turn of the century. It almost
belonged to the everyday routine of that house that
someone left for America.
And then Lars is next in line, the fourth of the brothers.
He comes with Borko, their horse, past the neighbour-farm and
meets one of the neighbour's sons. Then Lars says, "Now I'll just
go with Borko up to the pastures, and then I shall go to America".

Halle, the Bigger one, went to America around 1870. When he
took leave, he said, "I'll soon come back, and then I shall have so
large golden buttons in my jacket that I'll make the house chill
with them!" He never came back.

Nils emigrated together with Halle, the Bigger one. When he
had been in America for some time, he wrote home to his mother,
"America is a much better country than Norway. At home I had
to work 5 days to be able to drink for two days, but here I can
work two days and drink five days".

In 1858 Kristi Nedkvitne from Voss got married to Lars K.
Brekke. They lived in Chicago, at Koshkonong and at different
other places in the states.
Kristi never learned English, but talked vossamål, her mother's
tongue, all her life. When she got older, she often sat waiting for
somebody to come to talk to her, - someone who had not forgot
the language of Voss. "Da æ so gott å høyra da", (It makes me
feel so well to listen to it), Kristi said.

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